We are preparing to go to the Poland!!!

We make posters about Latvia. You could put this on your Comenius board.


Partners` countries by Polish pupils

What do we know about our partners` countries? Please have a look at some art works by Polish pupils. More pictures at photos section.

Ania age 8

Pola age 10

Patrycja age 11

Joanna age 11

Klaudia age 12


Animals made with plastic bottles

Last school year we recicle plastic trash and made beautiful animals to our garden and walls.

Sveiciens no Latvijas!

Hello from Latvia!

Rāmuļi elementary school is one of finest school’s of Cēsu region. We have about 100 students and 20 teachers in our school. There is a forest, a river and lakes beside our school. 

Our school motto is: “Huge works in little school”.



Hello from Portugal!
Our school is in  a small city, called Montemor-o-Novo, south of Portugal, in a region called Alentejo (meaning after Tejo), Tejo is the biggest river in Portugal.
You can see more information and photos at the adress:

 That's all for today!

Ana Tojo



At our school in Nijkerk (Holland) the children are having a special week about children's books (kinderboeken). During this week many famous writers are coming to our school to tell the pupils about writing and about their books. On our website (http://www.mijnonsn.nl/foto-album/KBW%202010/) you can see some pictures of the activities.


Przemyśl - my town

Class 5A students wrote about their hometown Przemyśl and draw some pictures.
to learn more about Przemyśl please visit:

About Szkoła Podstawowa no 11 in Przemyśl

The building of Primary School Number 11 in Przemyśl was built in 1850. It is situated in the one of the oldest quarters of the city, and is a listed building. Originally built as a hospital it was later converted and used as an orphanage named after Joseph Piłsudski a famous Polish politician. In 1935 the building became a museum, library and local archive.

It's history as a school has been varied by the two world wars. 1900 - 1913 saw the first school which was named after Emperor Joseph Francis. Exclusively a girls school it consisted of only 4 classes. Between 1939 - 1941 during the Russian occupation the school became known as Czekałowa School Number 6. 1944 - 1949 the school was renamed after Juliusz Słowackiego a Polish poet. In 1982 the school began a process of renovation and became School Number 11 which was co-educational and opened in 1987.

Our school today has about 300 pupils, and employees 25 teachers and 9 administrative staff and support workers. The school building now caters for 13 mixed classes in 12 classrooms with additional space comprising of, a dining-room, two sports halls, an extensive library, reading-room, IT suite, first aid room and a school counseling room. The school grounds have a hard surface play area, with a basketball court.

Out of hours, school clubs provide: foreign language tuition (English and German), additional Maths and Polish language lessons. Support is also provided for pupils with difficulties in confidence, posture, composure or diction. Outings and trips are organized and there are a number of nature, music, art and sports clubs.

The school actively participates in competitive forums and tournaments and has an equal opportunities policy which applies throughout our school and reminds us all as well as our children to be mindful and respectful to both ourselves and to others.

In 2006 -2009 our school took part in Comenius - Socrates project together with partners in Northern Ireland, Germany, France and Holland. The project was called WWWEUROKIDSWEB.COM. It was a great success. 
www.eurokidsweb.eu website was created as a joint product.