A lenda do Galo de Barcelos - Legend of Cock of Barcelos

A lenda do Galo de Barcelos
The film was made by EB1 Nº 1 de Montemor teachers and pupils with cooperation with Oficina da Criança, Centro juvenil and school library - Biblioteca Escoliar and is Portuguese contribution to "Once upon in Europe" Comenius project.

Cocks of Barcelos are main souvenir theme in Portugal

Picture by pupil

Watching the film during the meeting in Montemor.


Muito obrigada!

Last week was great! The teachers from all partners schools met in Montemor`O`Novo, Portugal. We all met in Lisbon and had a nice walk around this beautiful city. Ana, Graça and Betina were our guides.

At Belém we could try the famous snack -pastéis de Belém.

The visit to school was very interesting and inspirational. We got a lot of ideas and met friendly teachers and lovely pupils .It was good to learn about Portuguese education system. At the Town Hall we met the Mayor Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodrigues Pinto de Sá. We would like to say thank you to the authorities of Town Hall for warm welcome, lovely dinner and great help with organizing the meeting.

We could see and take part in workshops prepared by Oficina da Criança ( tiles) and A.T. L (recyclable material) and enjoyed the evening in Teatro Curvo Semedo.

Thank you for showing us your beautiful town, Alentejo area - Évora and Monsaraz and Tróia Beach :-)

More stories and pictures at photo link.


Welcome Portugal !!!

While packing our suitcases to travel to our partner school in Montemor - O- Novo have a look at the video to get a little bit taste of Portugal. Enjoy!


Sports Day in Doctor Ferrer School

On 27th May there was a big event in our school - Sport Day! All pupils and teachers gathered at the football pitch in Artes to do different sports. The weather was fine and we all had a nice day.

Big Heads in Doctor Ferrer School

Pupils from 3rd and 4th grade made two Big Heads  - gegants and capgrossos are very traditional at Catalan celebrations. The "capgrossos" are the festival figures with huge heads that are worn on the head and shoulders often by children. They are made out of papier-maché and can be seen in most Catalan festivals.


Children`s Day in Poland

Children`s Day is traditionaly celebrated on 1st June in Poland. There aren`t any lessons, so pupils can play, have fun and enjoy treats like ice-cream and pizzas. Every Class had something special to do that day but first the youngest pupils met in our gym and listen to children poems. Our Headmistress and invited guests - municipal police read the poems. Some were action poems by popular Polish poet Julian Tuwim , so we all had a lot of fun to act. The whole event was a part of action called All of Poland Reads to Kids

Grandfather planted radish....


Listening to Turkish tales

Our After School Club with a teacher Małgosia Banicka visited our local Museum and took part in Turkish fairy tales workshop. Mrs Nalan Avhan Sarkady who works in the Museum, told us traditional story. Girls could try lovely Turkish costumes and all draw pictures based on the tale. 

Listening to the story while sitting on Turkish carpet