Shrek`s the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party!

We said goodbye to the Carnival with Shrek`s the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party. All groups had to prepare one song from Shrek`s soundtrack e.g.“I'm a Believer” , "Happy Together", "Who Let the Dogs Out?" . There was a competition and best English,best choreography and the best costume was marked. The winner was class 4b which sang and danced to "YMCA".


Kurentovanje - Carnival in Ptuj SLOVENIA 10 February 2013

PUSTOVANJE in Osnovna šola Gustava Šiliha Laporje

While travelling through Slovenia I had a chance to visit our partner`s school -Osnovna šola Gustava Šiliha - so thank you Margareta and Tina for your warm welcome J Lucky me because on Shrove Tuesday the Egyptian mummies, Romans, Vikings, pirates, gangsters of 1920ties, hippies… arrived to Laporje. It was a great way to learn about history. Lovely costumes were prepared by students and teachers. All the groups performed very well and I could see some amazing talents among pupils and teachers just to name Jack Sparrow and two teachers (?) from the story about 20ties. The jury decided that the winners are pirates. They won a basket full of fruit.
Thanks again,


Shrove Monday in Artés

This week we celebrated “Shrove Monday” every day. Yes, every morning pupils came to school wearing or bringing something related to a fairy tale: On Monday there was the Little Red Riding Hood’s Day… Tuesday was The Three Little Pigs’ Day Wednesday was Cinderela’s Day Thursday was The Tiny Tom’s Day And Friday was La Rateta que escombrava l’escaleta’s Day. Pupils had fun every day by seeing how everyone was dressed or what they brought. On Friday, the “dress” was organized by the school about a Catalan traditional tale: “La Rateta que escombrava l’escaleta”… look at the power point… “””On Shrove Monday, every year pupils from Dr Ferrer school in Artés go to the forest to play and have lunch… see more in the power point.”””


Welcome to Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 in Przemyśl !

The film showing the youngest pupils of our school at their work and fun. We are looking for 6 years old pupils eager to start school. In Poland pupils can start school at the age of 6 or 7.Since 2014 all 6 years old will have to start school. The first song is our school`s anthem.


The International Day of Peace and No Violence in Artés.

The International Day of Peace and No Violence was celebrated in our school, Dr Ferrer school in Artés.
All pupils gathered in the playground to make a SIGN with our bodies. We also sang a beautiful song about PEACE: “Heal the World”, by Michael Jackson. All participants had made a “medal” with a drawing related to Peace.
Parents could enjoy the performance, and some of them had tears in their eyes by listening to their children singing….