Science lesson in alchemist's workshop

Alchemy can be considered a direct ancestor of modern chemistry. Pupils of classes 5a and 6b and Science teacher Ms Małgorzata Jagustyn  had an interesting lesson of Science in the Alchemist`s workshop. They prepared decorations and costumes and produced the film.This is a part of school activities connected with Comenius Project EUROPE IN OUR MINDS,EUROPE IN OUR LIVES

In Middle Ages in Europe


Pupils of grade 5a and their Polish teacher Ms Katarzyna Skotnicka learned about the history and art of books in Medieval Times and made a film about it.  Before the invention of printing machines books were handmade and treasured as works of art and as symbols of knowledge. They were written by monks and the monasteries had first libraries. The handwriting was very neat and painstaking so the book creation required hard work and patience. 



Art teacher Ms Jolanta Kawalec and pupils of classes 5 a and 5 b studied about medieval cathedrals and beautiful stained glass. They visited our cathedral and then made tissue paper stained glass. 


"Meetings with Art" in Gallery of Contemporary Art in Przemysl

In the BWA Gallery ( Gallery of Contemporary Art ) in Przemyśl students of after school club with their teacher Mrs. Małgorzata Banicka painted medieval castlesThe most interesting works will be shown on  a special opening, which is organized annually in June. The workshop was filmed by Mr Jan Wróbel of the BWA Gallery.



As you might know this year my school has started a new Comenius project " Europe in our lives, Europe in our minds". The partners in the project are Holland ( Groningen), the UK ( Charlton-on-Otmoor) Spain ( Arahal) - coordinating school , Bulgaria ( Burgas), Italy ( Olbia) and Poland ( SP11 Przemyśl). If you are interested please visit our common BLOG
The first activities are connected with Medieval Ages. I will be posting some interesting activities as they go on well with our "Once Upon a Time in Europe" project.

We visited Sevilla during our fisrt meeting :-) 


THREE WISE MEN arrived in Artés

THE THREE WISE MEN arrived to Artés on 5th January.
Hundreds of people went to the streets to welcome them.
Children were so HAPPY seeing them.
At night they deliver all the presents to children!


Ana`s school new Comenius project :-)

On November 9, the Basic School of Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, and together with Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Holland and Estonia were held their opening ceremonies of the Comenius Project, "Academy of multiple Intelligences "(AMI). Each country decided to perform the activity at your school. In Montemor-o-Novo decided to make a balloons launch with the colors of the partner countries. It was great, the show expressed by students and the sky full of different colors represented by balloons launched. In the end we held a dance prepared by the physical education teacher, who has conducted trials with students of 4th year classes, but where the whole school community joined the dance.


Christmas concert in Ramuli

In 21th of December parents and our friends had a chance to watch our Christmas concert. 
 Enjoy our Christmas concert!