Dear Friends!

Today is the last day of our project "Once upon a time in Europe" It was a great time for me and I am happy that so many people could enjoy the activities and mobilities. I would like you to continue the postings on our blog so we still can be in touch and maybe create something new in the future. Thank you very much to all who made this project possible from very start - Paquita, Melanie and Brigita and all who were eager to contribute and meet through these two years. Especially our lovely hardworking coordinators and headmasters who let us mess a little bit in their school routine. Thank you for great meetings you all organised! It would not be possible without support from all the teachers and parents as well as local authorities (Town Halls) and school friends. I must not forget our pupils who worked hard and I just hope that they learnt and experienced a lot. 

Have a lovely summer !


For the last day of our project - Comenius Dance :-)



Our project is coming to the end. On the 31st July it officialy ends. We had wonderful two years of cooperation and friendship. We met fantastic people and did interesting activities. I hope we continue the blog and will share some news from our schools, which will help us to be in touch. Before we say goodbye here are some views to remind us all the fun and laughter we had together. 


Watching Shrek :-)

One of our task was to watch Shrek 1 and find as many fairy tales creatures  as possible. Donkey is our favourite character

but in the film you can also meet... can you imagine somebody has already made the list !

List of Shrek characters 

Anyway we translated some into 6 languages of our project. 

English - Polish - Slovenian - Latvian - Portuguese - Catalan - Dutch 

Cinderella – Kopciuszek – Pepelka – Pelnrušķīte – Cinderela – Ventafocs - Assepoester

Snow White – Królewna Śnieżka – Sneguljčica – Sniegbaltīte - Branca de Neve – Bancaneus - Sneeuwwitje

Sleeping Beauty – Śpiąca Królewna  – Trnjulčica - Guļošā princese - Bela Adormecida – La  Bella Dorment - DE SCHONE SLAAPSTER

Witch – czarownica – čarovnica -  ragana – bruxa – bruixa – heks

Fairy – wróżka – vila – feja - fada – fada - fee

Pinocchio – Pinokio – Ostržek – Pinokio – Pinóquio – Pinotxo - Pinokkio

3 Little Pigs – Trzy małe świnki - Trije prašički -Trīs siventiņi - 3 porquinhos - Els Tres  Porquets – De Drie Biggetjes

 Gingerbread – Pierniczek – Piškotko - Piparkūku vīriņš - Pão doce - L’Homenet de Pa - HONINGBROOD

Ogre – Ogr – Oger – milzis – ogre - L’ogre - ogre

Wizard – czarodziej – čarovnik – bur vis – feiticeiro - bruixot - tovenaar

Magic  Mirror – magiczne lustro - čarobno ogledalo  -  burvju spogulis - Espelho mglico - Mirall Magic - MAGISCHE SPIEGEL

Dragon – smok - zmaj - pūķis – dragão – drac - draak

Prince – książe – princ – princis - principe – princep - prins

Princess – księżniczka – princeska - princese – princesa – princesa - prinses

Knight – rycerz – vitez – karalis - cavaleiro – cavaller - ridder

Castle – zamek - grad – pils -  castelo – castell - slot

Dwarves - krasnoludki – palčki – punduri – anões - les nanes - dwergen

Writing and illustrating stories

As part of Polish teaching and project work pupils wrote stories and illustrated them. They also designed covers. The stories were based on popular Polish legends and fairy tales e.g Warsaw Mermaid or The Legend of Three Brothers LechCzech and Rus.


Lech, Czech and Rus
Warsaw legends

The Trumpeter of Cracow ( something you should know before going to Cracow)

The hejnal of Cracow, which is played from the tower St. Mary's Gothic church, is one of Cracow's customs. 

The Dragon of Cracow

Even more Polish legends here 



                       open the link in extra window and press magnifying glass icon :-)


Pupils from our school learn Castellano as a second language.  The 3rd class grade did a performance of the tale for the other pupils. 
Little Red Riding Hood in Castellano  is called La Caperucita Roja 



The last school day,  the male teachers of  Dr Ferrer School did dress as a tale’s heros and performed for all the pupils.

We could enjoy the performances of the Indian, the pilgrim, the pirate… we all had fun with those characters ! 


Cultural week (last week of school)

 Walks, dances, games, stop the traffic in Montemor-o-Novo, learnings, draws, swims, laughs, constructions, friends, songs....all this we did to learn!
The last week has all!


The 3 little pigs in 6 languages

We choose 5 traditional legends and the students voted for the favourite one. The chosen one was
 "Os 3 porquinhos" in all partners schools...so we share the different versions from all countries and the Portuguese children have fun reading in Polish, Latvian, Catalã, Dutch and Slovenian!!!!

Ana Maria


Exploring the visits to our partners with the students

After the visit to Holland a Power-point presentation, some didactic material and windmills constructions to know better our partner.

 Ana Maria


The news from our project, some souvenirs , materials , booklets, pictures and stories decorated our Comenius Corners. 

  • EB 1 N 1 DE Montemor-O-Novo

Osnovna šola Gustava Šiliha Laporje

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 , Przemyśl

Escola Dr Ferrer , Artes

Oranje- Nassauschool , Nijkerk

Rāmuļu pamatskolā, Rāmuļu 

Escola Dr Ferrer , Artes