Our last Comenius meeting in Artés - GRÀCIES

It`s sad but true.Our Comenius project is nearly complete. Last week in Artés we met for the last time. At least as Comenius team since we hope our friendship will last... It was a great meeting, lovely prepared by our dear hosts. Special thanks to Paquita - a coordinator of Dr Ferrer School and Pepita the headmistress. But also the lovely teachers: Monte, Sonia, Eloi, Rosa, Ester, Montse, Cristina,Sara, Nuria, Pilar, Elisabet, Anna, Josep, Jaume, Maria, Marta, Carme, Carlos, Francesca, Alicia, Elena, Gemma, Ernest ...it was great to meet you and be with you at work and in fun. Here are some photos to remind all about activities we took part in. Please visit our photo link to find more pictures.

Our visit to Catalonia we started with Barcelona - at the Museu Naciolal d`Art de Catalunya

Admiring Antonio Gaudi

Sant Benet de Bages

Traditional Dance 

Project work 

Meeting pupils

Sport Day
Meeting with major Josep Candaliga i Freixa

Meeting education authorities
Trying traditional food


At INS Miquel Bosch i Jover in Artes

At Escolania de Montserrat

Dancing in a square

Festa - 
Eating Pa amb tomàquet and botifarra




Meeting in the Netherlands

We are already busy preparing for our last meeting, but we still can`t forget the last one.

Slovenian team spent a wonderful week in Nijkerk, a scenic town in the Netherlands.
Your school system and the way you work with children was really inspiring for us all.

Thank you for having us and for showing us your wonderful country. You really did a great job.The only complain that we`ve got is this- now we have to loose some weight!

There are some nice moments caught with my camera.

Interesting architecture in Amsterdam.


Water, water, water.

When in Rome.....

 At school.

Head and shoulders, knees and toes.....


 The small ones...


A piece of home.



 The usual suspects.

Busy, busy, busy...

Tulips and some more tulips. Did I mention tulips?



   Paquita step away from your camera!


On the beach.

Performance by the children. 


Dutch ladies relaxing on a boat...

.....and  some Portuguese while.....

...the men were working very hard!

See you soon!


Legends of our partners` countries - exhibition

On 10th May in Gallery 7 A at Podkarpackie Teacher Education Center was opened an exhibition of works by our students - "Legends of our partner countries". The exhibition is part of the Comenius Week celebrations announced every year by the European Commission. Poland was represented by the legend of the "Przemyśl Crest" by Mr. Jacek Błoński. The jury chose 12 best entries and awarded 18. During the opening ceremony diplomas and awards were handed . Besides young artists there appeared a lot of parents, teachers and invited guests. You could also watch other students' works performed under the project, pictures of partnership meetings and receive a special edition of the calendar. The exhibition was organised  by Ms Jolanta Kawalec our art teacher.

Pupils illustrated: Legend of the Cock of Barcelos ( Portugal) Christ and St Peter donate oats ( Slovenia) The legend of a golden goatskin ( Catalonia) The Hero of Haarlem ( The Netherlands) The Legend of Przemyśl Crest ( Poland) The Legend of Time man and his Lantern ( Latvia) 


Earth Day - April 22

In Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 in Przemyśl, Poland we celebrated Earth Day. We talked about recycling and what we could do to save our planet. There was rubbish fashion show, rubbish trees competition and performance.In our school we segregate plastic bottles, paper and glass. We also collect old clothes for recycling. 

We made films to promote ecology. One of it won a prize - interactive white board in competition organised by TESCO.

Game based on our legends.

One of the products of our project is a board game. The rules are very simple - the winner is the one who first reaches the end of the board. Along the way,  a lot of surprises are waiting - including a prison in Barcelos (Portugal), searching for treasure in Artes (Catalonia),trying a lovely bread in Pohorje ( Slovenia), the encounter with a bear in Przemysl (Poland), getting lost at night in Cesis ( Latvia) or saving Haarlem from flooding (the Netherlands). The game is based on the legends of our partners in the project.

Most of the pictures are created by pupils of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 in Przemyśl, Poland


Presentation of project work in Oranje-Nassauschool

During our meeting in Oranje-Nassauschool in Nijkerk we had a chance to see how Dutch pupils and teachers introduce project ideas and tasks to the curriculum. We could watch the performances e.g "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen, dances, Dutch songs. We could admire works of young writers presenting their books- written and illustrated by them.All around school there were posters about partners` countries, art works presenting fairy tales and legends. We could observe lessons based on famous tales e.g "The Frog Prince" by Grimms brothers.

More pictures from the performance: Photos

The works of pupils were presented to parents too. Photos below:
Presenting Project Work



EN PATUFET - TINY TOM is a very popular tale in Catalonia. Our pupils in Dr Ferrer School love it… 
If you go to this link, you’ll find the story in English as well as in Català…
You’ll see how people create /design the drawings while you listen to the story.