Catalunya by Escola Dr.Ferrer - Artés

Presentation of Catalonia and primary school in Artés made for "Once upon a time in Europe" Comenius project.

Dancing - the best language of communication :-)

A few memories from Comenius Meeting in Przemysl, Poland - November 2010 - Dutch, Latvian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Catalonian and Polish teachers united by music and dance.


Thank you Montemor Novo

It's almost a month ago since we've visited beautiful Portugal, but the impressions are still fresh!

Slovenian team ( two teachers and three pupils) travelled from Slovenia, through Austria and Spain and finally we arrived to Lisbon!

Our pupils stayed at the families and they all agree it was a valuable and unforgettable experience. They have made many new friends and they were surprised about warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese.

We saw many beautiful places...

The children greeted us with smiling faces.

We ate delicious food.

Group photo!

We got the opportunity to be creative.

                                          And at the end we all felt like this little guy!

I would like to thank Ana, Graca and all the other teachers to put up with us. You've  made a great job! A special thanks goes to the families who excepted our pupils and  made them feel at home. We would also like to thank the town hall for a wonderful dinner and everything you've prepared for us.


The Legend of St. George by pupils of Dr.Ferrer School

Read more at: St George Legend


Concert in Manresa

In May our 5th grade pupils made a big Concert in the main theater in Manresa.
After learning the songs and the music  and researching for the whole year, they sang together with pupils of other schools. Congratulations to all the pupils and to the music teacher; they all made an excellent concert.

Lesson of Portuguese

Comenius Meeting in Przemyśl, Poland - November 2010. Class 4b pupils whom we met at Bircza Forests Educational Complex learning Portuguese.


Comenius guests in Przemyśl Town Hall - November 2010

Meeting with Mrs Kaszycka- Paniw in Przemyśl Town Hall. Representantives from schools in Holland, Catalonia, Slovenia, Latvia and Portugal on a Comenius meeting in Poland.


Lip Dub Escola Dr. Ferrer

The Lip Dub made by Dr.Ferrer School in Artes, Catalonia. The pupils present Catalan heritage and culture.
Here is some glossary to understand the contents:

In the lipdub you can see
TRABUCAIRES  -  People in the XVIII century used this special guns

CORREFOC  - Summer fire festivals

CONTES TRADICIONALS  - Traditional tales

PA AMB TOMÀQUET  - Preparing bread with tomato

FESTA MAJOR  -  A summer festival takes place in each town every year with  big heads, giants, bands playing…

PUBILLES  -  Each town choose a young couple to represent it

SARDANA – Traditional dance





BURRO  - The catalan donkey


LA MONA  - Making the Easter cake

ALL  I  OLI  - Traditional sauce

CASTELLERS  - Human towers

BASTONERS  - People dancing with sticks

TOTS JUNTS  - The whole school is greeting you

A lenda do Galo de Barcelos