Meeting with a writer Lidia Miś in Przemyśl

Asia is an eight-year girl. Once upon a time she decides to go for a walk ,she goes to the library and finds an amazing book called “Visiting the Witches”. When she starts reading, it turns out that the book is magic. Asia moves to the land where seven witches live. She must visit all of them….this is the beginning of a fairy tale written by Polish writer Lidia Miś.
Last week in Przemyśl Public Library witches, wizards and fairies could meet the author and take part in reading competition. Our school was represented by three contestants : Julia, Kasia and Emilka.


News from Doctor Ferrer school, Artés

After the meeting in Przemysl, our pupils and teachers were so excited that
we started doing some lively activities:
We did created our Comenius Corner, were we displayed all the materials we
got at the meeting.
In order to find a logo to identify the project in our school, we did
promote a competition among all the pupils.
And we also did ask to our pupils and parents to make a nice Christmas Card
to greet our European friends...
We all wish that our project got a big success!



About us in a local paper.

In the newest edition of Życie Podkarpackie, which is a local newspaper of Przemyśl there is an article about our meeting. It shortly tells about the aims of our project and about the meeting in November.
Kristens, Ilze and Alise are telling about the differences they noticed in Polish school.
The title " They want to create a little community" Can`t read it? Well, another reason to learn Polish :-)


A postcard from the meeting.

In our project as much as we want to use modern ICT technologies we also want to increase key competencies like reading and writing both in mother tongue and foreign language.
That`s why we asked pupils who met in Przemyśl, to write and send simple postcard to their friends in partners` countries and to their own school.


Sinterklaas arrived in Holland

Last saturday 'Sinterklaas' and a lot of 'zwarte pieten' (black peters) arrived from Spain with his steamboat in Harderwijk. There were a lot of children singing special 'Sinterklaas-songs' for him. He brought a lot of presents with him wich he will give to the children on the 5th of december. 'Sinterklaas' riding his horse through the city and waves to the children. The 'zwarte pieten' have bags with a lot of candy wich they scatter.
In the city were a lot of activities organized by the children, like singing, dancing, playing the piano etc.
In the evening the children can put their shoe near the stove and during the night 'Sinterklaas' fills the shoe with a present or candy.  


In Poland do it like the the polish people...We did it in Przesmsyl!

The welcome was warm and friendly but the best in Przesmsyl were ...the dances and partys.
Eslovenia, Spain, Latvia, Portugal, Holand had learning with Poland teachers and students and all together dancing the Polonesia....Well at least we tried!

A big hug from Portugal to all our news friends .
Ana Maria

Thanks a lot for all the funny moments and great experiences that we lived there. Special thanks to this 2 ladies. You did it very well!


Przemysl- we are glad to have met you!

After a long trip and a few funny situations Metka and I finally arrived to the town, which name we couldn't pronounce. There we were warmly welcomed by our Polish hosts and spent five days to remember! We have met incredible people from Poland, Latvija, Netherlands, Catalonia and Portugal. It was interesting how a mixture of people of different ages, languages and nationalities found so many things in common. Our hosts presented us how their school system works, pupils prepared some very nice acts and even taught us how to dance Polonaise, their national dance. We strolled through the streets of a beautiful old part of the Przemysl ( we 've learnt how to pronounce it after a couple of days!), visited some interesting places connected to local legends and spent every evening comparing impressions  with our new friends.

We can not thank you enough for a very pleasant company and all the effort Gosia and her Polish team put in to our visit!


P.S. Photos comming soon



Thanks for the unforgettable days of November what we spent in Przemyśl. 

We were 6 children and 2 techers from Latvia

Przemyśl school took us so warm. Our childeren said that these were the best days in their lives - like a dream. 

Greeatings to all Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 Przemyśl pupils from Alise, Ilze, Kristers, Niks, Kitija and Jānis.

Thanks to all teachers, headmistress and of course Gosia about this excellent meeting. 

We met nice people from Portugal, Catalonia, Netherland, Slovenia.

P.S. We received poscard from Przemyśl. 


First Project Meeting in Przemyśl,Poland

           Our meeting started on November 2nd with a special dinner in La Costa restaurant.There arrive 19 participants from 5 countries Latvia, Slovenia, Holland,Catalonia and Portugal. The next day we visited Primary School No 11. Pupils were very excited to meet foreign teachers and pupils from Latvia. Classes prepared something interesting to show. We could see not only Polish lessons, Maths, Religion Education, Sport and Science but aslo dancing class and after school club called here "świetlica".
At the Town Hall we met Mrs H.Kaszycka- Paniw who represented the President of the town. After that we had a walk to the castle and took some pictures for the project website.
          At school things were getting ready for a little concert. There were Polish national dances - polonez (Polonaise) but we aslo could see Ukrainian Folk dance presented by special guests from nearby school with Ukrainian language.There were some songs and a poem.At the end we all danced polonez.
In the afternoon there were meetings: teachers - pupils, Polish pupils - Latvian pupils and Comenius meeting where we discussed the project.Pupils wrote postcards to partners`schools and work on project dictionary.
The evening teachers spent at Carmelitan Closter :-) and pupils at one of the host families.
            On Thursday we went for a trip as well as Class 4b whom we met at Bircza Forests Educational Complex.The trip finished in Arłamów tourist resort http://www.arlamow.pl/
At the dinner we could meet local Member of Parliament Mr Marek Rząsa , it was also the last evening with Latvian guests.
Those who stayed till Saturday could see Przemysl Fortress
Krasiczyn Castle,http://www.krasiczyn.com.pl/en/index.php
Łańcut Castle http://www.zamek-lancut.pl/en/and Przemyśl Skiing Station.

To see more photos please have a look at:


It was great to meet school coordinators, teachers and pupils from partners countries. We made new friends and it looks like the project going to be enjoyable and we are all looking forward to make the progress in our work.

      At sport hall after the concert.

                                          At the Town Hall

                         Evening Party at the friendly Carmelitan Closter

                                         Science lesson in Bircza


Hello from Catalonia

This week we have been so lucky to meet our comenius friends in Przemysl, Poland. The meeting was a real succes. We met our colleages from Portugal, Holland, Slovenia, Latvia and Poland. We spent some wonderful time together.
We had the opportunity to visit the Polish school and meet its teachers and pupils. We also could discover the beautiful city and country during some trips we did.
We would like to thank the host school for its fantastic welcoming, as well as the Town Hall and the Carmelitan monastery for giving us the oportunity to learn a little more about the Polish history and culture. We also would like to thank Gosia, the Polish coordinator, for the wonderful job she did to make our stay an unforgettable experience.
We wish that our project was a fantastic way to discover each others identity and culture.

Best wishes,
Carlos and Paquita,
Dr Ferrer School
Artes, Catalonia