Winter carneval - Metenis

On February Ramuli school celebrated the Metenis day doing traditional sledging from a hill. Younger students and children from kindergarten sang Metenis songs and ate pig's ear. There were two sledging competitions - the fastest and the longest. Participant costumes where also valued.

Health weeks in Ramuli primary school

From 6th up to 18th of February there was a health weeks in Ramuli school. Each day students and childrens had a chance to learn about basics of a healthy life. 


Students had tasks, solved crosswords, made salads and fresh juice and organized sport activities.

ABC book festival 2012 in Ramuli

On 31st of January grade 1 celebrated ABC book festivity.  They showed their ABC books and at Clever Owl tested their reading and writing skills. 

Students from grade 1 sang, danced and played together with children from kindergarten and with students from grade 2 to 4. 

At the end of festival they said good bye to ABC book. Students got diplomas and certificates, which grants access to school's library, reading room and computer room, because now they have the basic reading skills.

Older students read for youger ones!

During January and February Rāmuļi primary school students from grade 5 to 9 read fairytales and stories for students from grade 1 to 4.
Older students gave different tricky question about those stories they read. Afterwards younger students were asked to draw and tell about the heared. They were also asked to value how good older boys and girls were reading. Some of readers needed to be encouraged by the class teacher.


Winter in Przemyśl, Poland

Just last views of winter in Przemyśl.


Dijous Llarder in Dr Ferrer school in Artés.

Last week it was a special one in Dr Ferrer school in Artés. 
We celebrate Dijous Llarder (Fat Thursday) doing different funny activities. 

Every day in the week, children got an order to be  followed: to wear a hat, to wear a scarf, or… simply… they had to change their sex: look at the crazy  staff with their sex changed ! 

On Thursday morning all children went to the woods to have lovely breakfast together. 

In the afternoon they did different activities: masks, games, a kiss competition, and… the biggest sandwich in the world was made in our school !

Pupils and also teachers had a very good time. We are really looking forward for next year’s Fat Thursday! 

Click the link for more pictures.DijousLlarder

The end of Carnival with karaoke.

This year we chose Queen as our karaoke band ( last year it was ABBA) Pupils of Classes 4 to 6 were supposed to prepare one song. The winning group was Class 6a. The karaoke fun was part of a big Carnival party.

Children for Children in SP 11, Przemyśl

Children for Children is regular action in our school. The participants were students from our school and after school clubs at Przemyśl Primary Schools number 4, 6, 15 and Special Needs School No. 1 Besides caroling pupils could listen to stories by Bruno Ferrero. It was also connected with the national campaign "All of Poland Reads to Kids"

Visit to Pedagogical Library in Przemyśl

Pupils of Class 6 with our librarian Ms Jolanta Kawalec went to local Pedagogical Library to take part in "Looking for Information" workshop. The Library, which is in our school`s neighbourhood,  invites our pupils very often. 


Fat (Shrove) Thursday in Poland

We love Shrove Thursday "Tłusty czwartek" . We eat tons of lovely doughnuts filled with jams ( the best one is made of rose petals). We call them "Pączki"

Doughnuts are the main topic of conversation - people ask " How many doughnuts have you eaten? 

Class 2b with their teacher Ms Renata Bieliszak enjoying "pączki"
I read somewhere that each Pole eats 2,5 doughnuts and in total the Polish eat 100 million of doghnuts that day. An average doghnut has 200 kcal.

St Valentine`s Day

St Valentine`s Day is still a new tradition in Poland but it became popular among young people very quickly.
In our school there was the Valentine Post Office and cards were delivered to our sweethearts. 



Video from meeting in Latvia

Christmas performance in Ramuli

In 22th of December parents had a chance to watch children performance "Tollīša ziema".