Easter Fair in Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 in Przemyśl

As every year we had an Easter Fair. Pupils and parents made beautiful things to sell. We had Easter decorations - Easter eggs "pisanki", baskets, palms, greeting cards, rabbits and lambs.



Little Red Riding Hood

Class 2B and their English teacher Ms Aleksandra Szymańska prepared a wonderful performance of Little Red Riding Hood. Children played for their parents and other pupils. They sang songs and danced and spoke English very well :-)


Slovenian legend illustrated by Latvian students





Our school will have a NAME!

So far our school didn`t have a name ! We had just a number as most schools in Przemyśl. Right now we are getting ready for an official ceremony of naming our school after one of important Polish citizens. There are two options: Kornel Makuszyński , an author of stories for children or Dr Henryk Jordan, an advocate of sport for youth. In 1889  he designed a park in the style of English landscape gardens with facilities for sport exercises. Both had some connections with our town.

Presenting the candidates of Makuszyński and Jordan to pupils.

Koziołek Matołek (Matołek the Billy-Goat) is a fictional character created by Kornel Makuszyński (story) and Marian Walentynowicz (art) in one of the first and most famous Polish comics back in 1933. It became a cult classic, popular since its creation till today, and becoming an important part of canon of Polish children's literature. To read more:

Koziołek Matołek
Henryk Jordan


Meeting with an author in Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11.

The youngest pupils had a very nice meeting with Ms Anna Tchórzewska-Roch, the local author of " Fairy tales with a moral" Children listened to stories carefully and discussed the morals.


Doing a project about NEWS

Pupils from 6th grade in Dr Ferrer School did a project about NEWS. 

They learnt how to do a TV NEWS, with plenty of information about the latest news from all around the world, sports, weather forecast, interviews... They played  journalists doing a lot of  reports about the most important daily events.  

Pupils did work very hard and they all were very glad because of the great success. 

Excursion to look for the Golden Goatskin (Artés’ legend)

Pupils from Dr Ferrer School in Artés went to an excursion in the surroundings of the village to look for the hidden Golden Goatskin. 

First, they were told about the legend. Later, they went to the right place where the treasure might be hidden. Children search and search for the Golden Goatskin. Even though they couldn’t find it, they came back to school very happy.




In March you can read about Przemyśl, Laporje and Nijkerk. Just open the link in extra window and press magnifying glass icon :-)