Przemysl- we are glad to have met you!

After a long trip and a few funny situations Metka and I finally arrived to the town, which name we couldn't pronounce. There we were warmly welcomed by our Polish hosts and spent five days to remember! We have met incredible people from Poland, Latvija, Netherlands, Catalonia and Portugal. It was interesting how a mixture of people of different ages, languages and nationalities found so many things in common. Our hosts presented us how their school system works, pupils prepared some very nice acts and even taught us how to dance Polonaise, their national dance. We strolled through the streets of a beautiful old part of the Przemysl ( we 've learnt how to pronounce it after a couple of days!), visited some interesting places connected to local legends and spent every evening comparing impressions  with our new friends.

We can not thank you enough for a very pleasant company and all the effort Gosia and her Polish team put in to our visit!


P.S. Photos comming soon