Carnival this year was extremely successful and colorful. There has been a school dance on the topic fairy tales and legends Our pupils proved themselves to be creative, inventive and hardworking.
We've had princesses and princes....


... wolf and seven goats...


...Peter Pan with with his crew....


.... and many national fairy tale characters.

There was Kekec, our national fairytale hero.


He lives in the mountains, he's a herdsman. He's happy, brave, curious, nosy, teasing, clever and adventurous. He likes singing and playing his whistle and zither. He's also good hearted and helps people.
He is in constant adventures with his 2 opponent: Pehta and Bedanec. Pehta is an old lady who collects herbs in the mountains and kidnaps children to work for her but also wants to cure them. She doesn't know how to show her love towards children and feels rejected by the world. And Bedanec is a wild hunter who also kidnaps children to work for him, scrub his feet and play music for him. Kekec wants him to stop chasing wild animals.


Listen to Kekec's song!

Then there was Muri the cat with his friends.

Muri is Slovenian most famous cat!

My favorite Muri the cat song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bka57f-OQdU.

We mustn't forget Martin Krpan! The most powerful Slovene. He smuggled salt from Adriatic sea through Slovenia to Vienna. One day when the roads were covered with snow he picked up his mare and made way for emperor John's carriage.  He was so impressed by Martin Krpan that he asked him to come  to Vienna  to fight a brutal warrior Brdavs. Martin Krpan made a bat out of Linden tree and defeated the evil Brdavs. He became a hero. He was given a permission to transport salt.


Krpan fighting Brdavs!

Here you can see Mojca Pokrajculja with her friends.


One day when she was sweeping, Mojca Pokrajculja found a coin and bought a pot. In the evening she lay in a pot when several animals knocked on her doors and asked for shelter ( a bear, a fox, a rabbit, a deer and a wolf) for it was very cold outside. She was good hearted and she let everyone in. During the night the fox woke up and complained that her tummy hurts. Mojca Pokrajculja sent her to the kitchen to make herself some tea. But the fox found honey and licked the whole bowl.
In the morning Mojca Pokrajcuja discovered that all the honey was gone! Animals got into a fight about who stole the honey. They have decided to lay on the grass to see who licked it. When all the animals fell asleep, the fox sneaked to the rabbit and put some honey on his mouth. When the animals woke up, they were furious! They 've started to chase the poor rabbit! He ran so fast that he broke his front legs. And from that time rabbits' front legs are much shorter than his hind legs.

I am sure you will recognise this group!

No? Well it's Snow White and her seven dwarfs. Snow White was feeling a bit shy, so she is standing at the back. And a small hint- she is actually a he ( you must look carefully, she is standing between a Prince a n one of the dwarfs).