Once upon a time, in a far away country, there were a small village and on the top of a hill a wonderful castle.
In the castle lived the King, the Queen and their beautiful daughter, the Princess.

One day, an evil dragon went to the village.
That beast was the ugliest thing that men has ever seen; it could walk, swim and fly.
The dragon killed and swallowed everything it came across: flocks of sheep, bulls, horses and even men, women and children. It destroyed also houses and crops...

As the citizens wanted to stop all the damage, they decided to give the dragon two sheep everyday. When the citizens ran out of sheep, they gave it bulls, horses and other animals.
But one day, they ran out of animals. For preventing the dragon from killing everybody, they decided to give it everyday, through a raffle, a person to eat.
One unlucky day was chosen the King’s daughter. He didn’t have any other daughter, so he was desperate. He didn’t want to give his daughter to the dragon, but the people of the village asked him to behave like all the other citizens.

Therefore, they brought the princess to the dragon.
But when the dragon opened its nasty mouth to eat her, St. Jordi appeared while he was riding a white horse.
After a hard fight, St Jordi killed the dragon with his spear.

From the dragon’s blood some red roses grew. St. Jordi took one and gave it to the Princess as a love sign.
Everybody was so happy.
People shouted: Long life to St. Jordi!

St. Jordi left the village on his white horse with a smile on his face.

This is a legend. Legends don’t need to be true. They only need to be beautiful.