Osnovna Šola Gustava Šiliha Laporje hosted a comenius meeting in Laporje. It was very nice to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones.

On Tuesday we visited Ptujska gora and Ptuj with it's beautiful castle.

Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia located in lower Podravje region.

It is well known for it's traditional carnival (Pust) and unique carnival masks Kurenti.

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Koroška region. It lies on the border with Austria. You can find some unspoilt mountains, forests, rivers and picturesque villages there.

We have visited the underground of mount Peca.There is a zink and led mine which is no longer operating. We took a ride with a small mining train.

We walked through the obendoned mining shafts and experinced where the miners used to work. We even looked like them!

After a typical Slovenian lunch we visited a small village Šentanjel, where there are only 300 inhabitants and 30 turistic farms.

On our way back to school we stopped at the Ivercko lake where the pupils had some tome to relax and socialize.

The next day we wisited the deputy mayor of Slovenska Bistrica. He welcomed us and wished us good coopeartion in the future.
After that we took a tour of our school. Our pupils prepared a short cultural event to welcome our guests.

The coordinators have been busy the rest of the afternoon, others strolled around Slovenska Bistrica.

On the last day we visited a castle in Slovenska Bistrica.

There we were told to listen carefully to hear the White lady, a nice ghost who still haunts the chambers. Unfortunatelly she wasn't around, but in a workshop we have created a symbol in her tribute.

That day it was Cvetna nedelja (Palm Sunday) and there was a fair of typical slovenian products.

I hope you had nice with us. We have enyojed your company and it was a pleasure to have you here!