The week (from 2-9 May) celebrates and acknowledges the work of schools taking part in the Comenius Programme.It`s the time to show and promote our project.We invited our pupils and parents to visit our blog and prepared a new Comenius board to present our last meeting in Laporje.The teachers and pupils who were in Slovenia were talking about their experiences.Some classes were watching films which were made by our partners.


Comenius Programme
• Comenius provides opportunities for schools and colleges to introduce or strengthen the European dimension in their curriculum.
• It aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the diversity and value of European cultures and languages, and help young people gain skills for personal development, future employment and active European citizenship.
• Comenius supports partnerships between schools, colleges and local authorities in 32 countries across Europe, professional development for educational staff and trainee teacher placements across Europe.
• Comenius is part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, which supports education and training across Europe.
“International school partnerships help to build trust and understanding between different cultures, broaden pupils’ horizons, bring languages and other subjects to life in the classroom, and equip young people with the skills and understanding they need to become global citizens.”