Trip to Krasiczyn Castle

Last Wednesday pupils from our school went on a school trip to Bircza Woods and Krasiczyn Castle. We were lucky with the weather. First we walked in the wood and a forester told us about different kind of trees and plants. We had a lovely barbeque with sausages afterwards. In Krasiczyn we learned about a history of the castle and a legend of Krasiczyn Castle ghost.
We wrote postcards to all partners schools and we hope you will get it soon.
To learn more about the castle please visit:

Here is the legend and some pictures:

Last owners of Krasiczyn , Sapieha family had a daughter called Zosia.
The legend says that she fell in love with a poor boy. Obviously her rich parents didn`t let her to marry him. They arranged her marriage to a rich and much older noble. Poor girl didn`t want to obey her parents, dressed with wedding dress she asked her mum to let her say some prayers in the castle chapel. But instead she jumped out of the tower and died.

Since then a ghost of young girl wearing a white dress has been seen walking at midnight on the castle cloisters. People call her Bielica.
Listening to a legend.
Writing the postcard.
The postcard.