( Slovenian legend)

Rivers Drava, Sava and Soča are sisters. One day they discussed which one is going to be the first to flow into the sea on the next day. In the evening Sava and Soča fell asleep. But Drava just pretended to sleep and soon afterwards she quietly let off her waters to flow on. When Sava woke up, she saw that Drava was already rolling down to the sea and she angrily started to roll down to the sea herself. Finally Soča woke up. Seeing that both her sisters outwitted her, she violently broke through the mountains and angrily pushed through rocky gorges to the nearest sea. And so it is even nowadays: Drava is flowing quietly and slowly, Sava is wearing away, but they both flow into the Black Sea. Soča, however, is quickly booming trough narrow rock gorges to the Adriatic Sea.