Catalan legend

Once upon a time, in Catalonia, some honest traders were carrying a huge amount of gold and silver coins. They were going to Barcelona for their business affairs with their treasure wrapped in goatskin.
As they passed through Artés, a small village in the county of Bages, they were attacked by a bunch of thieves who stole them all their money.
Many people from the village helped the poor traders to catch the thieves but in the meantime they had already wrapped the treasure and buried it in a special place from where seven belfries could be seen.The poor traders were helped by the villagers to search for their belongings. They tried again and again but they didn’t find them.
Meanwhile, the villains run to the French border for not getting caught. People never knew about them, not even the place where they had buried the treasure.
Nowadays people from around Catalonia go to Artés because they still try to find this fantastic treasure. As the legend says,  “If you want to find the Gold goatskin, you should stand at the exact site from where you can see seven belfries: Calders, Avinyó, Horta d’Avinyó, Sallent, Cabrianes and the two one from Artés”.
But up until now no one has been able to find it. Maybe will you?

English translation  Carlos, Paquita i Simona